Adam Holden-bache

Will has been my personal trainer for 3 years. In that time I’ve dramatically changed my overall fitness, general health and my approach to exercise and diet. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and feel much more healthy, and I’m now in a regular exercise routine. I’ve completed numerous road races, triathlons and half marathons, which was something I could not have done without Will’s help. Will is a great motivator and will push you just enough so that you make progress but don’t end up disliking your fitness program. He’s flexible, personable and well worth his reasonable fees. I’d definitely recommend Will if you are looking for a personal trainer

Elise Jenkins

Will got me in the best shape of my life after I had my 2 children.  Every workout was different so I never got bored and looked forward to the next challenge each week.  He is delightful and keeps you laughing, always a good time.
He was careful to work me safely up to an optimal fitness level after my 2 c-sections.  I never knew I could regain so much abdominal strength after the surgeries and could not believe my poor stretched out belly ended up looking so great! He is fair and flexible and really worked around my hectic schedule so that I always managed to squeeze my workouts into a busy week.

Cameron B.

Will is awesome! I met Will two years ago when my family moved to Charlotte. My mom first found Will and has worked out with him ever since. Not only has she lost over 20lbs but she also like to exercise again. Will makes exercising fun as you use balls, ropes and other things that you wouldn’t normally use in the gym.
Will also makes you feel like you are in shape as he really works all of your muscles while paying close attention to not hurt yourself. I wish I could clone Will and bring him to New York!


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