Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals with Individual or Small Group Workouts

At Will Hayes Fitness, Will offers individual and small group training that can be done outside, in a small room in your house/office, or at the gym.  Each one is different and as effective as the other. Contact Will today to learn more or to sign up to try out a small group session.

Personalized Workouts Include:

  • Fitness Consultation
  • Fitness Prescription
  • Medical History
  • Goal Setting
  • Hour/Half Hour Sessions
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Strength, core and endurance training based on your goals/needs
  • Assisted Stretching for the Area of Focus

Corporate Fitness Services:
Reduce your health care costs and provide your employees with a beneficial health assessment when you choose Will Hayes Fitness corporate fitness services. Personal trainer Will Hayes works with corporate businesses to provide health assessments and recommendations on how to best improve their employees overall health. Assessments are provided monthly and Will offers convenient on-site group training sessions.

Sports Enhancement Coaching:
Are you training for a marathon, triathlon, or working hard to reach specific fitness goals? At Will Hayes Fitness, personal trainer Will Hayes provides personalized sports enhancement coaching for those who need specific fitness training. Will provides data analysis and designs a program to help you better accomplish your goals. His services are also great for those dealing with a sports injury. Will provides customized exercises to help you gain your strength and reach your optimum fitness levels again.

Transform your health and over all fitness with personalized workouts from personal trainer Will Hayes of Charlotte, North Carolina.


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